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Single Mine Origin Gold?

Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold is an initiative that tracks pure gold from a single point of origin all the way to a finished jewellery piece, so you know exactly where materials have come from and what impact they’ve had on people and the planet. At Eco Rocks York, we are committed to providing you with transparent and traceable luxury jewellery that puts responsible sourcing and business ethics front and centre.

Eco Rocks x SMO Gold

We have partnered with a British company, The Betts Group, to introduce a collection of lab-grown diamond jewellery that is crafted from Single Mine Origin Gold. This gold can be traced back to one of two mines: the Hummingbird Yanfolila mine in Mali and the Endeavour Ity Mine in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Both operations have strong ethical, environmental and social principles, which is why we are confident in making Eco Rocks jewellery from this raw material. In time, we hope to offer the entire Eco Rocks jewellery collection in SMO Gold.

“Since working with Kay Bradley and Eco Rocks, we have been hugely impressed with the business’ proactive approach to increasing customer awareness and desire for products that are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Beyond simply paying lip service to the growing drive for sustainability, Eco Rocks really engages with the responsible sourcing of gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. We have witnessed this attitude first-hand from the engagement its staff has with the detail of Single Mine Origin Gold.”

Charlie Betts

Group Managing Director, The Betts Group

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SMO Gold Wedding Rings

We use traceable gold and responsibly sourced laboratory-grown diamonds in jewellery that is expertly made in Great Britain. We can tell you where all the materials come from and how they arrived in York. Wedding rings are a sign of love and commitment, which is why we believe Single Mine Origin Gold is the best choice for couples.

Each ring is laser stamped on its interior surface with ‘SMO’ to highlight the source of the precious metal it contains. Choose from classic and traditional designs, including light, medium and heavy court shaped wedding rings, as well as flat and domed designs in widths from 2mm to 8mm.

“Without jewellery, entire communities would lose their livelihoods. SMO ensures that communities receive fair wages and safe conditions, which aligns with my values and ethics.”

Kay Bradley

Founder, Eco Rocks York

Frequently Asked


We source our SMO Gold from Betts Group, UK.

What is Single Mine Origin Gold?

Single Mine Origin (‘SMO’) gold is a movement to change the global gold supply chain to ensure responsibility and traceability. A new global standard for gold that ensures it is responsibly sourced and fully traceable to a single mine. Available and affordable.

Where Does SMO Gold Come From?

Currently all SMO sources gold from the Hummingbird Yanfolila mine in Mali and the Endeavour Ity Mine in Côte d’Ivoire. All SMO gold remains fully segregated from any other material throughout the supply chain and is fully traceable by batch, meaning that the customer will always be able to know from exactly which mine their gold was sourced. All SMO mines abide by the Responsible Gold Mining Principles or equivalent international standards.

Is SMO the Same as Fairtrade or Fairmined Gold?

Not really. SMO doesn’t compete with these initiatives, which are both charities and do considerable good for the communities in which they source their gold. SMO aims to raise awareness of metal provenance and responsible sourcing throughout the jewellery and investment industries. Single Mine Origin offers a responsible option to customers who do not wish to pay a premium or accept a long lead time, but still care about responsible sourcing.

How Does Buying SMO Gold Help People?

By buying gold from a single, responsibly run mine, you can have confidence that your purchase has not had ramifications in terms of supporting conflict or human rights abuses (such as child labour or dangerous working conditions). Both the Hummingbird and Endeavour mines have social initiatives, such as installing water systems and improving local healthcare.

Is SMO Gold Better for the Environment?

By buying gold which can be traced to a single mine that is responsibly run, you can have confidence that environmental best practice has been observed, and no mercury has been used, which has hugely damaging consequences for the environment.

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