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Introducing Eco Rocks

Colour Editions

Discover a vibrant collection of fine jewellery creations with synthetic coloured stones and laboratory-grown diamonds. Our Eco Rocks Colour Editions range includes synthetic rubies, synthetic emeralds, and synthetic sapphires in a rainbow of fabulous colours sourced from one of the world-leading experts in laboratory-created coloured stones.

We’ve channelled our passion for laboratory-grown materials and love of exceptional homegrown craftsmanship into this fiery new collection. It’s perfect for gemstone enthusiasts looking for an accessible alternative and a wider variety of price points. Every piece is designed exclusively by our founder Kay Bradley and manufactured to the highest standards, bringing you style and substance every step of the way.

Celebrate The

Power of Colour

Natural gemstones have a special place in our hearts, but high-quality synthetic coloured stones do too. High-tech production methods ensure large carat weights, pristine clarity and bright colours that replicate the most in-demand gemstones forged by Mother Nature. Our laboratory-grown stones are cut to perfection to ensure their particular shade of red, blue, yellow, green and pink are given the opportunity to shine.

The new and exciting collection is the perfect accompaniment to our Eco Rocks laboratory-grown diamond offering. We want all our clients to experience the glamour and excitement of owning a coloured gemstone through our accessible and customisable synthetic stone range. Speak to us about bespoke commissions to bring your dreams to life. 

Creating Colour in the Laboratory

The stones we use in the Eco Rocks Colour Editions collection have similar physical, chemical and optical properties to mined coloured gemstones. The rough material is grown by recreating the conditions in which gemstones are formed in the earth. It all starts with a natural crystal slice that’s placed inside a crucible chamber and filled with an ingredient-rich liquid at high temperatures. It can take anywhere from six months to a whole year before rough material can be extracted, cut and polished into a faceted synthetic stone.

What You Can Expect

We source our synthetic coloured stones from a specialist in the United States, which has mastered the art of growing stones in a controlled environment. Our founder Kay Bradley then hand-selects each coloured stone based on her own knowledge of gemstones, choosing only those that rival or exceed their natural counterparts. You can expect superior quality clarity, cut and colour at large carat weights.

Choose From

The Collection

Feel yourself drawn to beautiful and vibrant colours in our selection of synthetic stone jewellery inspired by nature’s palette. The Eco Rocks Colour Editions collection contains classic trilogy designs representing the past, present and future, with exceptional synthetic coloured stones and pristine laboratory-grown diamonds. Perfect as an alternative engagement ring, anniversary present or right-hand dress ring.

“Due to the dramatic price increases of coloured gemstones, I wanted to create something more affordable without compromising on colour. This is how Colour Editions was born.”

Kay Bradley

Founder, Eco Rocks York

Your Questions


What are synthetic coloured stones?

Synthetic coloured stones are produced in a laboratory to replicate the physical, chemical, and optical properties of naturally mined gemstones. Our selection of synthetic rubies, synthetic sapphires, synthetic emeralds and synthetic spinels are ‘grown’ by a world-leading supplier of laboratory-created stones to bring you the vibrant beauty of gemstones with similar characteristics for a more accessible price.

What determines the price of your coloured stones?

A number of factors, including the technology and skill required to grow synthetics and the time it takes to produce the perfect rough material for imperfection-free results. The supplier we trust produces around 10,000 carats per ‘batch’ but on average 80-90% of this is unusable and full of inclusions. The remaining material has to be carefully separated, which makes a 10 carat faceted stone ready for jewellery a special rarity.

Are synthetic coloured stones better than natural gemstones?

No, they are a different product that we champion at Eco Rocks York to give our clients more choices at different price points. We stock natural gemstones and synthetic stones and love both in equal measure! Claims about environmental impact can be misleading, so it is important to do your own research and shop based on your own opinions, budgets and preferences.

Are synthetic coloured stones the same as laboratory-grown stones?

Yes, synthetic coloured stones are made in a laboratory under controlled conditions. Stones are ‘grown’ or man-made in a laboratory using carefully calibrated processes. The same can be said for laboratory-grown diamonds, which is where Eco Rocks York started.

What laboratory-created stones are in the Eco Rocks Colour Editions range?

The Eco Rocks Colour Editions collection includes synthetic emeralds, synthetic rubies, synthetic sapphires, synthetic spinels, synthetic chrysoberyls and synthetic alexandrites in a range of beautiful colours. We have hand-selected stones in many shapes and sizes, starting from 0.50 carats and rising to 10 carats! Examples include oval, round and emerald-cut stones, fancy-shaped creations, and one-off masterpieces, including a special York Rose Cut synthetic chrysoberyl. Choose from platinum and 9k and 18k white, yellow and rose gold.

Is ’synthetic’ a bad thing?

Absolutely not. Beautiful jewellery comes in many forms, especially when it is designed and made to a meticulous standard. Technology has come a long way, allowing us to create top-quality stones that look sensational in fine jewellery. The techniques that laboratory-grown or synthetic stone manufacturers use are an art form in themselves.

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