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Discover our beautiful collection of British-made laboratory-grown diamond jewellery and engagement rings, brought to you by Bradley’s Jewellers York.

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Eco Rocks is a collection of bespoke-made laboratory-grown diamond jewellery that combines responsibly and sustainably sourced laboratory-grown diamonds with skilled British craftsmanship. Each piece is finished in the UK and designed exclusively by Kay Bradley, the owner and founder of Bradley’s Jewellers on Low Petergate in the heart of York. Drawing on the expert jewellery knowledge of the Bradley’s Jewellers team, Eco Rocks presents an alternative to natural mined diamonds with verifiable environmentally friendly credentials and extra sparkle for a fraction of the cost.


Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory-grown or ‘laboratory-created’ diamonds have essentially the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds mined from the earth. Thanks to incredible technology, diamonds can be created using processes that mimic the heat and pressure found deep beneath our feet. By recreating these conditions in a laboratory, diamonds can be made in a matter of weeks as opposed to over billions of years in nature.

HPHT Diamonds

Under specific heat and pressure conditions, graphite is melted into a liquid and is cooled to form a diamond crystal.

CVD Diamonds

Free’ carbon rains down on the diamond plates, vertically growing a diamond atom by atom, like the way snow collects in the winter.

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Engagement Rings

Eco Rocks laboratory-grown diamonds are carefully sourced from internationally recognised ‘created diamond’ specialists. This allows us to set climate neutral, traceable, ethical and sustainably sourced laboratory-grown diamonds in British-made jewellery that is perfect for your special moments, anniversaries and engagements.

“I spent many months researching laboratory-grown diamonds and finding extraordinary stones with ethical, environmental and sustainable credentials”

Kay Bradley

Founder, Eco Rocks York


Our Customers Say


I simply cannot describe with sufficient justice how absolutely lovely the Bradley’s experience is. There is no other team that we would want to have been part of our wedding story. Beautiful jewellery, heartfelt service, and utterly dependable. We can’t wait to return.

V. Booty

Fantastic service from everyone in this terrific shop. My wife saw a ring she liked and although we were only visiting York, they resized it and posted it on to us. The service was fantastic and the lovely card that accompanied the ring when it arrived was such a nice touch. I can’t recommend this shop enough. Just a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

W. Weir

Cannot thank Kay enough for re-designing and re-setting my engagement and eternity rings and for my beautiful new wedding band. Fantastic service and so attentive to every detail. Kay you are a master jeweller thank you and your team so much!

R. Hargreaves

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