What Is A

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond?

A Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond is a diamond that has been independently confirmed to be in full accordance with the requirements of the SCS-007 Standard.

This premium diamond, whether from an accredited mined or laboratory-grown diamond production operation, has been evaluated and certified against five pillars of sustainability achievement.

“Bradley’s Jewellers York, the founders of Eco Rocks, is proud to be an accredited retailer of Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds. This accreditation authorises us to fully represent and sell certified diamonds in all of our physical and online stores. Certification to the “SCS 007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds” provides unprecedented diamond origin traceability assurance, delivers climate neutrality, represents a whole new level of transparency around the environmental and social responsibility of gemstone-quality diamond production, and drives sustainability investments to help vulnerable communities and ecosystems.”

5 Pillars of

Sustainability Achievement

1. Origin Traceability

Each diamond can be traced back to its source, based on advanced testing and auditing protocols, for the highest possible source-to-market certainty never before achieved.


2. Ethical Stewardship

Each diamond producer and handler in the chain of custody meets the most stringent social and environmental requirements aimed at providing maximum protection for workers, communities and the environment in keeping with international best practices.


3. Climate Neutrality

Each diamond producer agrees to eliminate or offset their entire climate footprint within a time frame that can make a real difference. This requirement goes further than any other standard by including annual greenhouse gas emissions and additional climate pollutants, plus “legacy” emissions (that is, the residual greenhouse gases remaining in the atmosphere from prior years of operation). Because the climate can’t wait!


4. Sustainable Production

Each diamond producer works toward achieving net-zero impacts in all categories of production-related environmental and human health impacts and is required to meet clear milestones of success along the way. This measure of sustainability has never been included in any jewellery standard and sets an important precedent for other industries to follow.


5. Sustainability Investments

Targeted sustainability investments by the diamond producer support artisanal scale miners and vulnerable communities, reduce net impacts further and contribute to a safer world. These investments demonstrate the producer’s commitment to sustainability beyond its own operations.

Frequently Asked


Our Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers globally.

What is a Sustainability Rated Diamond?

A Sustainability Rated Diamond is a diamond from an accredited natural or laboratory-grown diamond production operation that has been evaluated against five pillars of sustainability achievement and is found to be in full conformance with the requirements of the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds.

What’s the difference between certification and accreditation?

Individual diamonds are certified and tracked from source to market through the chain of custody. Companies that produce or handle the diamonds are accredited, based on conformance with the Producer and Handler requirements of the Standard. Companies that provide testing and grading services are required to undergo technical accreditations to ensure competence in the delivery of these crucial services.

How was the SCS-007 standard developed?

SCS-007 was developed under an international, multi-stakeholder process facilitated by SCS Standards, the non-profit standards development arm of Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. Stakeholders were recruited from multiple sectors, including diamond production, diamond handling and retail, diamond grading and technology, academia, and civil society.

Are international guidance and norms referenced by the standard?

The criteria in the SCS-007 standard reference numerous international documents that have been developed to provide guidance for best practice in social and environmental responsibility.

What makes SCS-007 a leadership standard?

SCS-007 picks up where other standards leave off, making it the most comprehensive standard for diamonds ever established. Under each of the five pillars, it sets unparalleled benchmarks of performance. In terms of climate neutrality, for example, it encompasses all greenhouse gas pollutants plus other major climate pollutants commonly overlooked and addresses both current and “legacy” emissions to capture the complete climate footprint.

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