Eco Rocks

Sometimes it’s the small moments that lead to big decisions. For Kay Bradley, the Owner of Bradley’s Jewellers York on Low Petergate, it was a conversation with her three-year-old son that inspired her to create Eco Rocks – a laboratory-grown diamond jewellery collection.

“At the start of lockdown in March 2020, my son was doing some work at pre-school about nature and the environment. We talked about the little changes we could make in our own household that could have a big impact and this inspired me to take a leap in my work life too,”

Kay Bradley

Founder, Eco Rocks York


Sustainability Rated Diamonds

Bradley’s Jewellers on Low Petergate is proud to be an accredited retailer of Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds. This accreditation authorises us to fully represent and sell certified diamonds online and in store.

As an accredited SCS 007 Diamond Retailer, we are demonstrating our commitment to bringing full transparency and value to our customers, while revolutionising the diamond industry and building a more sustainable world. Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds adhere to the highest standards of social and ethical performance, with unsurpassed traceability back to the source and climate neutrality.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

At Bradley’s Jewellers, we love and respect both natural diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds and just want to ensure our customers have the most varied choice for their special jewellery pieces.

We have purposefully chosen to work with trusted and internationally-recognised suppliers of laboratory-grown diamonds. We also seek out Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds under the SCS 007 Sustainability Rated Diamond Standard. This certification is the first of its kind and provides unprecedented diamond origin traceability assurance, delivers climate neutrality, represents a whole new level of transparency around the environmental and social responsibility of gemstone-quality diamond production, and drives sustainability investments to help vulnerable communities and ecosystems.

We can pass our peace of mind and confidence in our laboratory-grown diamonds onto our customers.

Did you know?

As laboratory-grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, you can get approximately 40-60% more diamond ‘show’ for your money. If you are dreaming of plenty of sparkle but you have a strict budget, Eco Rocks is a fantastic option for you.

Choose From

The Collection

The Eco Rocks Collection includes a selection of single stone and trilogy engagement rings, cocktail rings, pendants, and earrings with laboratory-grown diamonds. Pieces are designed by Kay Bradley and made in Britain using traditional techniques. Eco Rocks also offers a selection of fancy-coloured and fancy-cut laboratory-grown diamonds so you can design and create your perfect jewellery piece.

“When I set out to design my own laboratory-grown diamond range, it was with a firm view that it would not replace natural diamonds, but rather complement them. As a qualified diamond and coloured stone grader, my passion has always been gemstones and that is reflected in the pieces I create. This new collection is all about giving my customers more choice of fine jewellery that caters to every budget,”

Kay Bradley

Founder, Eco Rocks York

Jewellery Of

The Future

At Eco Rocks, we firmly believe that laboratory-grown diamonds are the future of jewellery and will have an important place alongside natural diamonds. We are completely transparent and can answer any questions you might have about our lab-grown diamonds, our finished Eco Rocks jewellery pieces and our manufacturing and sourcing policies.

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